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Paving Ideas

Our landscaping firm was based in Mid Sussex near Lewes. We were known for our landscaping and design. On this page I show a few patios created. We also completed full landscaping projects. We would always advise to pave over a sand & cement bed over a concrete sub base. Unfortunately many lay paving on 5 blobs of sand and cement over a MOT type1 subbase. Laying over Mot Type 1 just doesn’t last. After frosts, heavy rain and ant invasions the slabs will start moving, the pointing will crack and the slabs will be loose. A false economy! Pointing too is highly beneficial in restricting weed growth. Many again just butt up paving which encourages weeds as airborne seeds germinate

A colourful Indian paved patio which we completed in Waldron. We used stock brick pavers to break up the expanse of paving. Small herb planting pockets were also left. The flags were deliberately chosen for their pink and purple hues

Another Indian stone patio is shown below in Keymer Road, Burgess Hill. These flags were chosen to be fairly neutral in colour. In this garden we built many retaining walls and Peter can be seen turfing and preparing for a mulched path.

Below is another Mixed sized Raj patio we completed in Park Crescent, Brighton as the whole building was being renovated. We also built some random stone walls waiting to be softened with planting

Below shows a small circular terrace just finished again in mixed sized Raj paving flags, with a stock brick edge

Below another patio with stock brick edging leading to a flight of steps

Another patio Peter was seen completing in East Grinstead

A nice flight of steps is shown below with the necessary retaining walling Peter built

A photo below to show the subtle drainage we added into a patio to remove surface water simply and efficiently. Again this was using a neutral Raj stone.

Another view of the steps shown above. From the photo below you can realise how much retaining walling was needed! Planting again being prepared to soften the construction.