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Driveways and Patios

The RHS top list of advice:

  • Keep paving to a minimum
  • Non-permeable paving may require planning permission
  • Leave space for plants, including hedges and climbers
  • Allow driveways to drain into borders

Permeable paving or being considerate to inclusion of lawn or soil in your plans can help:

  • Reduce local flooding
  • Prevent problems with subsidence. Paving reduces or stops rainfall getting into the ground. This can cause the soil to shrink, especially if it is predominantly clay, which has consequences for structures built on it. Garden walls, paths and houses may develop severe cracks
  • Minimise disruption to insects, worms and birds

There are many different materials each with a differing depreciation level, discolouring effect and cost. Listed below are some of the most commonly used due to availability. This link is for the 10 most popular paving materials is supplied by Houzz

Indian stone patio lovely steps block drive kitchen patio rear patio and lawn