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Garden Steps

Below are shown many styles of garden steps that we have created over the years. Most are created in brick, but some are in timber. Railway sleepers or deck boards can be used. Each set of steps is unique as every garden is different. The landscaper must determine the number of risers according to the existing levels. Steps need to be safe and comfortable to use. Shallow steps can be a trip hazard for the young and the infirm.

Below are with brick treads and risers on a sweep against the house and to match the existing brickwork

Major flight of steps

Simple set of all brick steps set into a swept retaining wall

small set of swept Steps

A landscaped high rise Brighton garden using both brick and sleepers

Brighton high rise flight of steps using both brick and railway sleepers

Paved treads and brick risers through swept walling

Stone treads, brick steps

Swept steps with brick risers and Raj stone treads

Brighton steps

Simple set of swept steps to blend with a patio with Haddonstone

Haddonstone matching Steps

Large flight with brick risers and paved treads on a sweep through terracing in Maresfield

Maresfield Steps

Large flight all in york stone in our Staplefield project

York Crazy Steps , major set

We excavated laid the patio, built the wall and steps and finally laid the new lawn.

uckfield steps

Square set of steps with brick risers and inset stone on the upper riser

simple steps

Created in Brighton, a simple curved set of steps

>simple curved steps

A high rise Brighton garden requiring an interesting flight of steps

practical large flight of brick steps

Single step on a sweep out of the back door, note the cut bricks

single back door step

Block infilled steps with wide deep treads

“>formal straight flight of brick steps

Impressive curved stone flights of steps rebuilt to blend with the original style

stone curved flights of steps

Created in East Grinstead, a major flight all in brick with a 90 degree bend

strong east grinstead steps

Simple all brick flight through a swept retaining wall

hove steps

Angular flight from a terrace to teach the lower patio in Haywards Heath

angular steps

Small landscaped high rise Brighton garden using solely red brick on a curve to be used also as seating

red brick curved steps in small brighton garden

Small brighton garden

Steps through a steeply terraced garden

maresfield steps

Unusual multi coloured set created in Ditchling

Ditchling multi coloured brick steps

Shallow set with brick risers and Raj Stone treads in Haywards Heath

brick and stone steps

Steps created in Lewes

lewes steps in stone

small steps in lewes

Wide flight of shallow steps

major low flight of steps to reach terrace

Single step required within a new Raj Stone path

small nstep in path

A flight of steps in Haywards Heath

simple flight of steps in haywards heath

Flight of steps in Brighton

brighton flight of steps

Another Lewes garden below

lewes, a single low step to lawn

backdoor single step

patio step down

Now a few more Railway Sleeper Steps

sleeper steps in Haywards Heath

sleeper step in lewes

Brighton sleeper steps

Garden steps in decking

haywards heath deck and decking flight of steps

decked flight of steps

decked steps

Railway sleeper set of steps in Newick

Newick, major flight of sleeper steps

Haywards heath woodland steps

decking flight of steps in Haywards Heath

Below a flight of sleepers in East Grinstead

East Grinstead Sleeper Steps