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Brick Walls

Various styles of retaining brick walling are shown below in photos of our previous works. These photos will hopefully help you plan projects for yourself.

Each retaining brick wall will be unique as every garden is different! In Sussex many of the walls are created with the local FLB stock bricks. Stone walls aren’t so popular.

Hurstpierpoint high stock walling with pillar

This wall was completed by Peter on a project in Hurstpierpoint

Tall brick pillar and brick walling

Brighton walling, steps and raj patio

Brighton brick and sleeper steps

Below a wall completed as part of a project in Uckfield using FLB stock bricks

Low retaining stock brick wall in Uckfield

A large paving and walling project completed in Brighton in 2014

Brighton retaining walling and steps

Below was considerable walling and major steps completed in Maresfield

Maresfield retaining walling and major steps

Lindfield swept curved walling and steps

low brick walling and patio

Below are a few walls in stock brick with flint infilled sections which blend well for the coastal strip

Large hove project with flint infill in stock brick walling

The wall below was completed in Ovingdean, central flintwork infill.

Ovingdean, flint panels in stock brick walls

Flintwork with brick work, Ovingdean, Brighton

low walling as a step down from lawn

Pillars in brick for the rose arch plus raised beds

brick piers for pergola

curved walling and steps

Set of raj steps within stock brick walling

Below shows a random stone wall. We used to complete a lot of stonework! Not so much recently!

York Stone random walling and york crazy paving

A mix of sleepers and brickwork in Brighton

sleeper steps

Below a very colourful mixed wall for Ditchling. The customer wanted everything in the wall!

colourful mixed walling